Monday, 26 October 2015

Know more About History of Catering Business in India

Initiated by Caesar Cranshell in 1778, the catering business evolved around 1820 in Philadelphia. It was considered a respectable and a profitable business, and Afro-Americans were the first people to practice it. Then came a time when Robert Bogle revolutionised the industry under his reign and this business became so famous that restaurant owner started to provide it alongside their restaurant. Around 1880 the name caterer was given to business when for first time local directories began listing different caterers.

Initially this business was given importance by the black people in most of the regions, but as it grew and proved to be profitable in many ways, even the white people started to explore this opportunity by 1930 which eventually erased black people from this industry.

This is pretty much the same case in India. Now day’s even corporate giants outsource their canteen and which gave a whole new angle to this industry that is corporate catering in India.

Earlier people used to search different food joints and had to request them to serve them in the ceremony, but after this business opportunity was launched in India, things started to get more organised and the consumer were getting the value for money, therefore, food catering in India was one of the most preferred venture, and till date it is a field in which people are innovating.

The scope of this field is so much that now days no one actually need to do anything they just contact the best caterer in India and get their work done all the time.


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